Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Red Monarch wing

I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to use this cane.....hopefully the idea will appear at the right time.

Tie-dyed fabrics

What else have I been up to?    Well.....dyeing lots of cotton squares for my Funky Bags.
The yellow ones didn't photograph very well, but I'm happy with the blue!

Embossed business cards

This is what the re-purposed business cards are used for......origami greetings cards

Funky bag embellishments

A lot of distortion occurred with the reduction of the cane. The bad news....almost half of the cane ended up on the waste pile; the good news.....bits could be salvaged, and cobbled together to make prototypes.
"Waste clay" is never really wasted though - there is always a way of using it up.
I suppose that practice will improve the reduction problems.
Polymer Clay Adventures
After eight weeks of lessons, I bravely attempted a face cane.....
Re-purposed businesscards....painted in acrylics and run through a "Big Shot" embossing machine with various embossing folders, for texture.
This is the blog of a craft person, rather than an artist.  A crafter with a love of colour, and a passion for making things to be used, and not just looked at.
The year 2012 so far, has been about exploring materials - beginning with polymer clay, and presently moving into the delights of nuno-felting.
My aim is to create a range of  gifts intended for to be sold at craft markets, for example small bags, cards and  pendants.
this is what im working on